GPS Fleet Management

We provide premium end-to-end solutions focusing on simple and intuitive products and services that are capable of adapting to rapidly changing customer and market conditions. Monitor your valuable fleet assets when they’re on the road and off with GPS tracking. Get key insights into your fleet operations, maintenance needs and costs for improved performance results. Our advanced reporting flexibility delivers the information you want, the way you want it, when you want it.

Track trailers, containers, generators and other assets. Locate and recover equipment. Ruggedized design and long battery life are suited for outdoor use and harsh weather. Solar asset trackers are also available.

AI Dash Cams analyze the road and driver behavior in real-time. The dash cam uses Artificial Intelligence and computer vision to detect near-misses, road signs, and high-risk driver behavior and send alerts to drivers and actionable insights to managers. We can use video evidence to defend your drivers and company from false claims and costly legal battles.

Save on costs by actively managing fuel use and increasing overall fuel efficiency. Integrate your fuel cards to monitor transactions by fuel type and state. Set rules and notifications to proactively manage speeding and idling.


  • Up to 33% of a vehicles fuel efficiency is impacted by driver behavior.
  • Vehicles that average 7 MPG @ 55 mph will average less than 5 MPG @ 75 mph.
  • At least 77% of all traffic accidents are the result of driver error.

Asset Tracking
with the
Solar Tracking Device

Intelligent Dash Cams
with the
Samsara AI Cameras

Fleet Fuel Management
with the
WEX Fuel Integration


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