Outage protection for your communications.

Jive Business Continuity (JBC) is a server-based application that preserves your most essential phone functions during an Internet disruption or a complete outage. Even with no Internet, you can still reach staff and emergency services with local survivability.
Be notified when even one or a percentage of desk phones are offline.
Ensure call quality with custom alerts based on your standards for network performance.
Get notified immediately when a JBC device is offline or enters failover mode.

LogMeIn resolves your issues without having to call in

Jive Business Continuity delivers unique features and an array of services, including proactive system monitoring and alerts, backed by LogMeIn’s award-winning customer support.

Keep your business running

During an Internet outage, JBC automatically kicks your system into
failover/fallback mode, and monitors your system until the outage is over.

Stay connected to each other and emergency services

Even during a service disruption, Jive Business Continuity lets
you dial internal extensions and make outbound calls. Calls to
predesignated numbers (like 911) will take an open line if
available or will bump an active call if there isn’t one.

Protect yourself from outages with Jive Business Continuity

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