AI Dash Cams by SAMSARA

Record high-definition videos using dash cams and mobile video systems, seamlessly integrated with our open fleet telematics platform.

Protect your fleet

High-definition video provides a clear view of events, in the case of collisions or insurance disputes.

Identify risky driving

Get a 360 degree view of trips and driver behavior. Capture cell phone use, smoking, driving too close or driver fatigue, so you can minimize risk. Add another layer of awareness with infrared LED night vision camera.

Promote safe driving

Enhance fleet safety and reduce the risk of collisions with real-time driver coaching and AI-detected events. Set up alerts for unsafe driving.

Powered by AI and Computer Vision

Samsara AI Dash Cams use artificial intelligence and computer vision to detect near-misses, road signs, and high-risk driver behavior.

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