5G built right from America’s
most reliable network.

#1 for network quality. The best experience with calls, texts and data usage of any major carrier according to J.D. Power and our customers.

More servers fornetwork reliability.

The performance of our 5G networkrelies on a solid foundation of servers.

Broader spectrumfor more 5G speed.

Ultra-fast connectivity requires amassive amount of spectrum.

Smarter towers forbetter 5G coverage.

A vast, dense network of towers and smallcells give you our best 5G experience.

America’s most reliable network based on rankings from the RootMetrics® US National RootScore® Report 1H 2021. Tested with the best commerciallyavailable smartphones on 3 national mobile networks across all available network types combined. Not a specific finding as to 5G networks.

The official 5G
network of the NFL.

Verizon and the NFL have teamed up for a 10-year partnership that will transform the future of the game. 5G Ultra Wideband is now live in 25 stadiums.

Feel the power of
5G Ultra Wideband

The fastest 5G in the world.
5G Ultra-low latency
5g Massive Capacity
5g 60 CITIES

Do what you love in 5G quality.


Stream in5G resolution.

Watch the contentyou love in 5G quality.

5G-video chat

Video chatin 5G clarity.

Stay connected to work, friends and family.


Listen in5G fidelity.

Your favorite tunes andpodcasts, loud and clear.


For 230+ million peoplein over 2,700 cities.

5G Nationwide. Now available across the country.

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Verizon 5G?


For your phone.

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